This is a story about fantasy or, more exactly about the conscious overcoming of itself. A consciousness that concerns the growth, not necessarily in a sense of age, but as the awareness of being of any man. A difficult and pained choice, but determined and clear too, that includes in itself the surrender and rebellion, the conformity to reality and the escape as extreme act. Fantasy becomes an obstacle to overcome in order to adapt yourself to the real world that becomes, at the same time, the prison of one self from which an escape can be made only with the final decision, with the denial of any compromise.

Alice is a simple girl, she has studied hard during her short life, she has always firmly believed in realizing her dreams, trying to pass all the obstacles that life sets aside for young people. But all this hasn’t her brought to improve her condition, she couldn’t become who she has always been into her imagination and that future so chased has slipped out more and more and has been replaced by a static present. Now the tiredness is prevailing over the dreams and Alice is starting to ask herself if was better leave her fantasy to get used to the cruel reality, adapt herself and living trying to survive every day. To do this, she will have to abandon definitively her hopes, that place in her mind where reside with the creativity, eccentricity, skills, competence…
The choice is done: eliminate the fantasy, cancel the irrational world is the only way to live the real and cruel present… or maybe not… maybe the last rebellion is possible.

20 14 A.C.

A video performance arises like a first approach to a different kind of love. The first analysis about the indifference that combines theatre, video and photography in order to create a further gaze into the scene (Full HD Video in life-size). Casting and coordination by Serena Calà.